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Shakespeare Wrote This :- “Credit Where It’s Due”

” Dear Sir, A gallon of ale and two pots of Honey, please extend my credit I’ve got no Money; A side of bacon and some cutlets of Pork, let me pay you next week I’ve no trinkets to Hawk; … Continue reading

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Luke 24:13 ( The Prequel )

Seeking rest in a boisterous crowded tavern,travellers sit amidst the evening’s roar and clatter at tables heaving with fullbrimmed cups of wine,where merchants,traders and artisans of the hustling,bustling busy city have the whole night in which to drown the day’s … Continue reading

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What Obeying The Law Entails

Their daughters worked the “Viper Room” until four a.m. there’s only charred wreckage on the spot where it stood, the Fire Department logged the call at four thirty-one a.m. forensics revealed the fire started much earlier; seven bodies were found, … Continue reading

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Last Christmas : 1961

Sepia hued, smoke-filled aroma of spicy gingerbread, pervasive odours of holly,ivy and mulled wines; infusing kitchen,scullery and dining room, evoking a childhood with their forgotten boxed presents under the enormous seasonal bough, its array of waxen lights twinkling,twinkling long into … Continue reading

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Days have come to resemble mirrors, indolent and inattentive in all their emptinesses; mimicking one another mimicking one another in endless,artless,obsessive absences; bereft of any thing to show except each other each other, staring vacantly back at days emptied long … Continue reading

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African Landscape

a barely muted buzzing of flies thousands upon thousands, a counterpoint click-clicking of crickets in chorus, a crackling of flames in the noon-day heat scattering sheaves of semi-charred papers in a gentle breeze that plays upon flapping posters, proclaiming in … Continue reading

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High Noon

The Hours wait, impatient for the day to start. One,Two and Three, begin to count and count again, the seconds the minutes every one of them. Four and Five, stare stolidly at those before and at those to come, knowing … Continue reading

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