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I I am I am there I am therefore I think; I I think I think there I think therefore I am; I I therefore I therefore think I am; I I therefore I therefore am I think.

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A Flaneur’s Diary

The Man in the paper-thin disguise squandered his spare change on a slice of evening sunshine; His coffee grew warm in a cup on the counter where the clientelle had filled their quota of ashtrays; Watches told lies and nearby … Continue reading

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Ravel’s Perspective

The agony of Summer that follows the disappointments of Spring: The shrouds of Winter left from Autumn’s repose, the tearing sounds of ennui shredding days that we so carelessly let slip from our grasp; A malevolent bleakness rides with abandon … Continue reading

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Flaneur :- Arts Council Funded

The gallery was crowded, the Flaneur felt a frisson of ennui, ” comment? ” his forefinger jabbed toward the photograph, a man apparently stood on a mat that was adjacent a bus stop, a casual reading of the tableau would … Continue reading

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Where Words Go

Shall we see where words go, shall we follow them down the rabbit-hole? Chasing after them hither, thither and then letting them go so that we can chase after them again: Wild words in their habitat, untamed metaphors, predatory adjectives … Continue reading

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