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Daily Routine

Every evening at 5.09 he leaves the office, takes the streetcar into town, goes for a stroll down to the park by the canal; there he sits on the bench nearest the ornate water fountain; He dreams, of a lost … Continue reading

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Notes on the Passage of Time

In empty rooms filled with the scent of nicotine and loneliness, once shining memories of bronze turned verdigris through harsh winters; Breaths, footsteps, glances, the dots and dashes of life rendered indecipherable by the passing of time; Its fragile tones … Continue reading

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Genesis 1:1

No record was kept of the name that they gave to that bird, vivid yellow and green welcoming a primeval dawn, captured on flickering footage the memory of it kept alive in black and white; no-one recalls any longer how … Continue reading

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Gliding on empty until the empty is gone, and clouds wave final farewells as we pass them by unawares that they’ll never see us again nor we them, as we bid them adieu with the empty gone, only the emptier … Continue reading

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Lemonade on the verandah after supper, discussing Rousseau and Voltaire before retiring to the soft embrace of an easy langour; Expecting tomorrow and its harvest of promise,the lush savannah the tall sheaves and sturdy horses, and yet that tomorrow never … Continue reading

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