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Staring Contest

See the empty pages staring, staring back at you staring as you stare at them: All those pages, empty,void and blank waiting for a stroke of your pen the cut and thrust of some intellect and a little wit; Scratches … Continue reading

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Excerpts from a Conversation

Who are you again? Oh,that’s right! yes,I remember now; who,me? yeah,yeah.. erm,no,you’re thinking about someone else, no,he was there round about the same time, yeah,that’s right, and you? cancer of the bowel? wow! no,I..I’m sorry to hear that? Me? oh … Continue reading

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With Good Intentions ( A Short Story )

Tears welled in his eyes as his failing concentration felt respite at last. His breast filled with inexpressible relief with the knowledge of yet another young life saved; A three hours long emergency operation fraught with unimaginable risks had been … Continue reading

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The promising promise that promises hold, promise what they so promisingly promise, in promising so promisingly their promises, that promise so promisingly all that has been promised.  

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