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Freelance Writer ,Journalist, Performance Poet and Poetry Promoter Resume / CV Senior Editor , 2014 - Member,Board of Senior Editors,”Episteme” -Online Journal of Bharat College,Mumbai Editorial Administrator ,2011 – to date At the internationally renowned poetry website in partnership with and centred at Destiny Christian Church, Wakefield, England Schools based Poetry Masterclasses, 2001- to date Louis has delivered his poetry masterclasses in interactive workshop format in primary and secondary schools throughout the City of Wakefield and further afield. His masterclasses have often been the pupils’ first and only opportunity for schools to work with a professional poet. Executive Producer,Wakefield Wireless Mysteries 2012 –to date Louis has the leadership role in this groundbreaking play-for-voices, a contemporary update of the world renowned Medieval Passion plays. He secured the support of Mary Creagh ,Member of Parliament for Wakefield as the project’s Patron. Performance Poetry Residencies 2010- to date with Destiny Christian Church 2001-2002 -Poet-in-Residence at Wakefield Cathedral 1999-2000 -Poet-in-Residence at Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Rugby League Football Club Poetry Group Leadership Roles 2010-to date Founder of Destiny Poets 2004-2010 -President, The Black Horse Poets of Wakefield. 2002-2007 -Founder and Convenor of The Cathedral Poets of Wakefield. Publications Poetry Anthologies ( Author ) 2004- A Very Special Collection with The Cathedral Poets 2002- Louis & friends-Wakefield Cathedral Poetry Anthology Poetry Magazines ( Editor ) 2010- to date “ The Elephant” –Destiny Poets’ published thrice annually 2004-2008 – “From The Horse’s Mouth” – The Black Horse Poets published twice yearly. 2005-2006 – “Poetry Wakefield,City & Dioceses”- The Cathedral Poets/ The Black Horse Poets A quarterly magazine for all schools within the City and Diocese of Wakefield. 2002- “ The Cathedral Poets “ – eponymously titled monthly poetry supplement to Cathedral News magazine. Freelance Journalism 1979 – 1994 Leeds Other Paper , co-operatively run alternative weekly news publication ,featuring local gig guide, investigative reporting ignored by the mainstream,etc.Louis was primarily the LOP’s Rugby league correspondent – “The Man in the Stand” – from 1983 to 1994 besides erstwhile cultural commentator and guerrilla investigative reporter starting in 1979. Academic Qualifications B.A.( Hons.) Organisation Studies 2.2 from Bradford College, 1981 – 1984 Poetry Awards & Recognition 2013 – Overseas Award for Excellence in Arts Conferred by AuthorsPress ,New Dehli 2008- Civic Reception held by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, hosted by the Lord Mayor to honour the 10th Anniversary of the Black Horse Poets. 2007- Winner of “Wakefield Poet of the Year”-The prestigious Jane Harrison MemoriaL Award at the annual Wakefield Poetry Awards. 2003- Winner of the inaugural Leeds International Peace Festival Poetry Prize (Adult section) with “Hudson River Interlude”, a commemorative poem honouring the victims of 9/11.

Manuscript Found in an Antique Dresser

Words etched in time, fade even as I gaze at them, wondering who wrote them? when were they written? who were they written for? and that final question that even History cannot answer; were the words ever read by anyone … Continue reading

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Voices on a phonograph flutter across a deserted apartment, their cadences lose themselves among the zig – zag alleyways on whose rooves silhouettes are painted by passing airships on bright timeless summer days; In a nearby park the oompah band … Continue reading

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Extraction Point

Rotor blades are swiping the sky, bronze and orange paint their surreal stripes across the horizon; throbbing humming whirring, meld into cacophany; Rotor blades are swiping the sky, chattering clattering hammering, smacking concrete jarring the senses; squatting crouching striding toward … Continue reading

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  The bitter dusts of war the bitter dusts of famine, pierce men’s skins swirling in their hearts with a coyote chorus of forgotten words, forgotten peace; The Winds of corpses and the Winds of souls, howl with their forgotten … Continue reading

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I, idiot

There’s a craziness in my heart there’s a madness in my head, and my blood is chanting, do-it, do-it, do-it, there is a trap I want to fall into, there is a blind spot I don’t have to see, there … Continue reading

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I, Camera

There is in the photograph you’re holding someone taking a snapshot of someone else posing for someone else’s camera – who’s being photographed by somebody taking a picture to post online, and in turn is getting snapped by others taking … Continue reading

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The Statue

The city of Concepcion, its physical parameters circum- scribed by conjectural development, its identity arrived at through an intricate labyrinth of historically determined steps; At its heart the dominant Plaza of the Conquistadors abutted by an inspiring Madre de Dios … Continue reading

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