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Fleeing the Scene ( A Short Story )

Heart and lungs ached beyond mortal endurance as he fled, and heard with dread the footsteps behind him,seemingly chasing after him on the dark country lane. He cursed his own folly for having given in to a panic which as … Continue reading

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Portrait of Child with Mother

From the perpendicular window high up in the left hand corner a pale miasma billows across the kitchen; the hearth stands unattended pots and skillets undisturbed, on the table are unlit candles and empty plain pewter bowls; tangentially to the … Continue reading

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Battle of Lutzen 1632 : The Fate of Von Pappenheim

The fading salvation of the skills of a surgeon, too far away for this desperate carriage, a funeral without cortege to reach ; Far away from fading grey tatters of evening and battle’s stench, How sweet the singing of “Te … Continue reading

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Marston Moor : 1644

  Stand fast soldier,in the day’s fading light amid this expanse which you’ll reconsecrate with musket and pike; Stand fast with arks of the covenant, ready to strike at pampered steeds and their wanton princes mocking you for a last … Continue reading

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