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The Poem of Uncertainty

to begin writing without the assurance that you will finish what now two lines ago you started, leaves this writer in an ever deepening philosophical quandry; what if the words don’t make it to the end of the poem? what … Continue reading

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Where Words Go

Shall we see where words go, shall we follow them down the rabbit-hole? Chasing after them hither, thither and then letting them go so that we can chase after them again: Wild words in their habitat, untamed metaphors, predatory adjectives … Continue reading

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SUPER ARCHIVE : Where to find even more!

#DestinyPoetsUK #LouisKasatkin #WakefieldPoetInResidence ** EVERYWHERE ** Board of Senior Editors: Louis Kasatkin Writer, Poet, Editor, Administrator Destiny Poet U.K. September 2016 June 2016 March 2016 December 2015 September 2015 June 2015 March … Continue reading

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Everything you always wanted to know about …

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The Big Short

  Did they offer you a thought for all your pennies ? did they want your gold in exchange for a goose’s egg ? did they swap your silver linings for a sky full of clouds ? Would you trade … Continue reading

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Of Time and Futility

Seconds and Minutes hurry and scurry about in numbers too great to count , Hours fritter and waste all our expectations in an off-hand way , Days left alone whisper amongst themselves and in the end we incur their displeasure … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings ( Part 3 )

The company then pressed on to Elrond’s home , a journey fraught with danger thro’ forests they did roam ; Glorfindel came with news that Ringwraiths were on their trail , that Frodo must hasten to Bruinen without fail ; … Continue reading

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