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  The bitter dusts of war the bitter dusts of famine, pierce men’s skins swirling in their hearts with a coyote chorus of forgotten words, forgotten peace; The Winds of corpses and the Winds of souls, howl with their forgotten … Continue reading

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The Bear and Her Cubs

Winter has returned and with it the migrating Bear and her eager Cubs , their old habitat deserted the Forest and Wild , not so plentiful of natural prey as once was ; They are hungrier this year the Bear … Continue reading

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Another Day

A slow ,slow morning carapaced with expectation, lilted into life by a Delius melody billowing from the radio; somehow right, somehow apposite, appropriate,matching the myriad frost-hued windows illumined by tentative strokes of sunlight, rediscovering inexorably, reinvigorating its own promise.

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London Underground

Tendril lines snaking coiled uncoiled uncoiling , merry-go-round round in circles spiralling vectoring , trailblazing lit-fuse temporal expectant , journey’s end back to the beginning , whirring winding concrete and steel roulette , spinning spun spun again arcing racing , … Continue reading

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Reflections at Day’s End

I do not switch on the light , the illumination from the street casts a pale glow into the living room where my books are ; I often sit alone in the dark looking out of the living room window … Continue reading

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The Photograph

empty of people, there is just light on a rain moistened street, the matinee performance sans audience sans plaudits; The years before The Hindenburg, their melange of sweet perfumed absinthe memories subverted by acrid pyre gauloises the looking-glass stained by … Continue reading

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The Bridge on the River Aire :Castleford 2008

Spine spinal, vertebrae marks to be read lines in a story in tongues we once knew; thread and threads threadbare woven in movement thro’ stilness, alive in the noise of silence, flow flowing ebb ebbing, a corpus of whom, of … Continue reading

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