Once Upon A Time In The West

When that wind roars out of the South,
the one called the “Zephyr”,
it tears right through El Paso
with raw heat and anger;

Blasting like buckshot
in saloon bar brawls,
it stampedes droves of tumbleweed
herding it like cattle;

Zephyrs sweep away everything,
except memories and their re-telling
that clatter,that chatter across
strung out continental wires;

Informing city readers a day later
of some gunfight someplace so far away,
that the retelling of it
enobles the mythical participants;

three cadavers, jackets buttoned
silver coins placed over their eyes,
lined-up one,two,three
for the Wm.H.Walker Camera;

The faces of Pat Garrett and William H. Bonney
absent from that white and black portrait,
they got paid their double gold eagles
and rode off.



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An Existential Divertissement

Where are our dreams

when we’re not dreaming them?

Where is everywhere else

when we’re not there?

What are the voices saying

when we’re not listening to them?

Where does the time go

when we’ve let it pass us by?

Will our graves remain empty

should we choose not to die?

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Notes on an Approaching Oblivion

the snow drifted
like bad memories
across the gunmetal sky;
Someone called his name
as if through a mile long tunnel;

The spoon
the lighter
the pack of 5-millilitre syringes;
He shook the powder into the spoon,
mixed it with water;
a third of a bag,
a tenth of a gram,tops.

His body remembered what was coming,
Time would stop at last,
expanding horizontally instead
the emptiness would fill with..

He aimed the needle at his arm
at a 20-degree angle towards the heart,
always towards the heart,
the correct angle;

The blood was dark red;
it flowed into the syringe,
he pulled off the tourniquet
and injected;

The rush hit him like a..
his pulse disappeared
the world went black;

Someone called his name
as if through a mile long tunnel;
the snow drifted..


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Screams get closer

and louder,

shouting and panic

from up ahead,

they’re straining forward to see;

All around the familiar

metallic sound,

people on their phones


They don’t know what else to do,


they photograph and they scream,


they are bewildered,


and horrified


and frightened

but they click,

and click



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A Brief History of Britain

Faded, forlorn

the banners of our memories

once held high now cast aside,

cast down,

trodden into the dust

by legions of those

who came after in ignorance;

Even the ghosts have departed

this empty husk

of a once was Power

this paralysed parody

of those Sceptered Isles,

that seat of Mars crumbled

overwhelmed by the deluge

that took from our hearts

those Heroes whose deeds

validated all that we stood for;

All that we ever believed in

is now counted as the small-change

amongst market traders

whom we let barter our very souls

for a mess of pottage ;

Whilst entombed in our sonorous sloth ,

they took from us all that had once been

vouchedsafe by Viking ,Saxon ,Norman

for so long so very long an Age;

In our belated awakening

we find ourselves naked,

caught in the glare of a history

which no longer recognises

nor has need of us

in this our unkempt beggarly state,

of which those who once fought for us

would be ashamed

that all their sacrifice

all their pain

had yielded such a paltry gain.

( author’s footnote :- this work was originally posted under the same title on this site on June 14 2014. This re-boot has minor grammatical changes, the lay out is radically different and there is now a picture!)

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Throwaway Existential Poem

I succeeded in failing

I hastily slowed down

I was first to finish last;

I added up the sums the wrong way

I answered all questions incorrectly;

I stood noisily in silence

I remembered to forget;

I recognised myself when

I saw your reflection

in the mirror that wasn’t there.


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When Summer Returns

When Summer returns,

the last of the bones

will have been buried,

the endless lists of names

will have been erased,

even the memories of those names

will be forgotten;

When Summer returns,

meadows again will bloom

hiding their terrible scars,

under the green and growing

nourished by the dust

buried beneath;

When Summer came,

the gates swung open,

they poured in,

one vast tide of flesh.


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