A Quiet Place

Quiet as sunlight on a window pane

quiet as a snowdrop falling in winter,

quiet now the Earth stands

the Earth stands still;

all our years have passed us by

and are gone into the abyss of nostalgia;

Every waking moment is a baited trap,

should your grasp loosen,

should your grip fail,

should your foot slip;

Only silence offers hope,

and hope causes the heart to beat louder;

hush now,

they’re listening..

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Mystery Road Trip

Light and dark and

light and dark and then..

The long road into the nowhere

of a faraway never-seen;

Wind and rain and

wind and rain and then,

rain again,

washing the colours from

fading yester-me yester-you

yesterdays’ messages never sent,

telephones never answered,

doors that remain shut

at this and all hours,

no-one stirs inside the

Light and dark and

light and dark and then..

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The lights change

traffic crawls past

the discount stores

the charity shops and tanning salons,

off-licences and bookies,

the barbers and Greggs;

Another bleary-eyed morning

drab and dreich,

the cityscape wears the weather

like a mourning veil

pulled tight across its face;

Shuffling off their coils of ennui

in dribs and drabs

the denizens answer to

the day’s tolling bell,


looking the worse for wear.



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Winter Breaks

When Winter breaks

as Winters do,

will Winter break

because of you?

When Snow has fallen

as Snow often must,

will your dreams of warmth

be turned to dust?

When Silence blankets the land

Silence leaves no choice,

in the bleak midwinter

no-one ever hears your voice.

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Night Listener

Listening to faltering surreal broadcasts

serenading another Summer equinox,

the composition’s title eludes him,

Miles;haunting contemplative succinct

flags down thoughts mimicking melancholy,

Gil Goggins’ circumspect piano

embedded in the spent day’s residue

receding like the listener’s reverie

broken by random sniper-shots of glass,

endemic tension flowing,

burst-veined onto midnight alleys

of this midnight City,

frantic frazzled red ‘n’ blue

taking some more cold meat

away to the coroner’s slab,

away from midnight streets

haunted by ” Yesterdays”,

that title hunted down and

captured by a desire to

have words for that spell

cast on a night long ago

in a faraway City where

another night-listener

heard the night

with its surreal,faltering..


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Tell Achilles

Tell Achilles when you see him

that we should all meet up

again at our favourite place

where we can have a few

and reminisce about to-day;

Tell Achilles that, will you?

when you see him later;

also tell him that I’ve

been wounded and that

those damn Trojans fought

like cornered rats and that

I got bitten by their spears;

Tell Achilles that, will you?

when you see him later,

much later perhaps;

And should you not see him

until to-morrow after the battle,

tell Achilles that

you spoke with me and

my message to him was

we should all meet up again;

Tell Achilles that will you?

Should you see him again

in this world.

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Once Upon A Time In The West

When that wind roars out of the South,
the one called the “Zephyr”,
it tears right through El Paso
with raw heat and anger;

Blasting like buckshot
in saloon bar brawls,
it stampedes droves of tumbleweed
herding it like cattle;

Zephyrs sweep away everything,
except memories and their re-telling
that clatter,that chatter across
strung out continental wires;

Informing city readers a day later
of some gunfight someplace so far away,
that the retelling of it
enobles the mythical participants;

three cadavers, jackets buttoned
silver coins placed over their eyes,
lined-up one,two,three
for the Wm.H.Walker Camera;

The faces of Pat Garrett and William H. Bonney
absent from that white and black portrait,
they got paid their double gold eagles
and rode off.



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