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A Pile of Words x2

Of Words A Pile   They say poetry some, is of  pile words a just, rhymed not or whether, general which of in, jot don’t a give they, are are they what words but, shudder ears and reluctant though, they … Continue reading

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The Poem of Uncertainty

to begin writing without the assurance that you will finish what now two lines ago you started, leaves this writer in an ever deepening philosophical quandry; what if the words don’t make it to the end of the poem? what … Continue reading

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Casablanca Blank

It is always Gare de Lyon and the last train out of a city facing ruin; It will always be “As time goes by..” and by, and bye-bye.. The trenchcoat and hat drenched by the long rain of waiting and … Continue reading

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Where Words Go

Shall we see where words go, shall we follow them down the rabbit-hole? Chasing after them hither, thither and then letting them go so that we can chase after them again: Wild words in their habitat, untamed metaphors, predatory adjectives … Continue reading

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SUPER ARCHIVE : Where to find even more!

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Broken Perceptions

If agony were silence and emptiness substance, how would we recognise our own thoughts? If forever was a second and Suns were frozen, how far away would the horizon be? If tears were granite and forgiveness treason, how then might … Continue reading

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Badlands Breeze

Badlands breeze blows hard, blows mean spitting time back in our faces burying our dreams all over again beneath oceans of dirt; We waited for better days that came and went while we were barely awake, ghosts of a hundred … Continue reading

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