The Official Wakefield Poetry Picture Archive

1401756_776396792421406_4410008620024489206_o1016653_538561069538314_496834961_n1015684_662154317178988_1445364881_o1001793_538560969538324_1970005002_n943014_525134090881012_2084074013_n941842_521189681275453_2125414609_n936909_521188997942188_99038836_n734221_498118006915954_1295612131_n562737_498117456916009_1566178980_n481246_498118326915922_491435624_n458771_453481051379650_1414189870_o429623_498117653582656_1240954953_n409352_279125655481858_8128685_n402755_279125792148511_1453451992_n409067_279125855481838_523281506_n381858_279125732148517_1515923520_n314683_231192780275146_1664542332_n309669_231192753608482_1624608529_n293771_525134104214344_146916197_n292022_231192816941809_1471899867_n229414_498116970249391_1486626021_n150492_498120470249041_739851329_n64377_498118813582540_107194561_n486600_498120213582400_888903489_n295676_498119220249166_1072926895_nA collection of Official Media Pictures taken from exhibitions, awards evenings, book and magazine launches involving :- Louis Kasatkin ; aka 1531946_636999376361149_570639541_nThe Destiny Poets ,The Black Horse Poets and The Cathedral Poets 2002-2014


( Left to Right ) 1st Row ; Louis Kasatkin-Executive Producer at Premiere performance of Wakefield Wireless Mysteries at Wakefiled Lit.Fest September 2014; Lawefield Lane junior School July 2013;Official Launch of Wakefield Wireless Mysteries with Mary Creagh MP (Patron),March 2013; 2 x first  cast read-throughs with WWM Script; Launch of Black Horse Poets Anthology,July 2008 ; Civic Reception and Award for Black Horse poets at Wakefield Town Hall,March 2008; Launch of “Poetry Wakefield” April 2005 ; Poet of the Year at Wakefield Poetry Awards Evening,November 2007;  4 x Launch of  “Poet’s Corner” at destiny Church,January 2012 ;

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