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Amid the tsunami waves of empty rhetoric and phoney promises of the General Election campaign ,an occasional glimmer of realpolitik manages to gain the attention of the bemused ,bothered and bewildered electorate in general and Corporate media & Commentariat in particular. Back in 2011 ,Cameron and Sarkozy led the NATO cavalry charge to topple Gaddafi ; Cameron in fact led it so well,that the UK’s naval and air forces ran out of munitions and had to buy more off the shelf from his Washington puppetmasters. So here we are in 2015 and the humanitarian chaos often warned about by Gaddafi that might eventuate were the regional rulers to be undermined by forces supported by the West, is now gathering momentum and will no doubt accelerate for quite a long time to come. Pandora’s box got well and truly opened by Britain’s  Downing Street domiciled Olympian grade Imbecile and Strategic half-wit. Even the shabby and discomfited Labour Party recognises Cameron’s culpability. Hence the latest orchestrated chorus from those hypocrites non-pareil at the Daily Mail :-

Furious row erupts over ‘shameful’ Miliband claim that Mediterranean refugee deaths are a ‘direct result’ of Cameron’s Libya intervention

  • Tories accuse Ed Miliband of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low in campaign
  • Labour leader will today attack the Prime Minister’s intervention in Libya
  • He will argue the refugee deaths are ‘a direct result’ of Cameron’s failure 

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    ” Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear ” is being posted by Occupy Frankfurt. They’ve got it about right ; zeitgeist and all that. The 28, (it is 28 isn’t it ?) Satrapies of the Greater German European Union have still got 27,000,000 unemployed on their collective “official” stats and any meaningful,let alone discernible economic “recovery” is a billion light years distant. Libya has metamorphosed into a living theatre of blood thanks to last year’s NATO BombingFest and unequivocal support for everything Al Qaeda. Syria alone defied the Pentagon’s grandiose overseas military masterplan in a 2013 otherwise consumed by Islamic insurgencies. Still, the idiotic rabble known as the Coalition regime and its deluded supporters and backers in the Media expend all their energies talking up yet more phoney employment stats and the seasonal Christmas consumer spending orgy. Usurer-Finance Capitalism spews its own vomit all over societies across the our Planet and hopes to get away with it as is customarily expected. Except this time.2014 ,the fuses are already burning away merrily.

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    A seasonal poem,to make you feel all “warm” on the inside,awwhh.

    Burn ,Babylon ,Burn.

    A grand chorus of once muted voices sings ,

    of the ruin of empires and the fall of kings ;

    in silhouetted frenzy a new hope rises from the dark ,

    the tinderbox of wealth has caused the spark ;

    bloodied ,brow-beaten and bullied ,

    the dreams of the many remain unsullied ;

    the Acropolis and the Prado are burning to-night ,

    to-morrow the Tate Modern will burn just as bright ;

    carpeted with a billion twinkling shards ,

    emptied shopping malls give inspiration to the Bards ;

    and the graffiti-daubed monuments to privilege and power ,

    now only mark their builders final hour .

    ( ” Burn,Babylon,Burn ” can also be viewed at )

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    Capitalism in action. The ” free market ” .Consumerism . Neo-liberal economics. Supply and demand. Wealth , austerity . freedom of choice. The following gleaned from to-day’s Daily ,Tory Home Counties,Hard Working families Fanzine ,Mail .

    Fight breaks out over cut-price fruit and veg: Tesco forced to lay on extra security staff to deal with bargain hunters

    Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart said the scenes were ‘shocking’
    Reports of shoppers knocking each other to the ground over bargains
    Some have also been seen pinching items from other people’s baskets

    PUBLISHED: 01:21, 19 December 2013 | UPDATED: 08:50, 19 December 2013

    Tesco has been forced to lay on extra security staff to deal with bargain hunters fighting over reduced fruit and vegetables.

    In scenes described as ‘shocking’ by the local MP, shoppers have been knocking each other to the ground and even pinching items from other people’s baskets.

    Eyewitnesses reported shoppers being injured and supermarket workers being attacked as they brought out trolleys of reduced items.

    Postscript : The GDP of the United Kingdom puts it about the World. Ain’t capitalism wonderful ? So much for any pretence at a Civil Society being sustainable let alone attainable under the capitalist relations of production. Burn .Babylon burn !

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    The day of the Anti-Christ may not yet be upon us,but he sure does choose some pretty bloody poor harbingers and lackeys. Take for instance, the Chief Toilet Attendant of the Greater German Union’s satrapy of Yu-Kay , Cameron. With non-earth quaking intensity , the Usurer’s Friend and phlegm discharge of Satan,announces that it is , ” mission accomplished ” for british troops occupying Afghanistan. No doubt that Mother Russia’s border forces can now stand down in the sure and certain knowledge that thanks to redundant circus clowns such as Cameron ,the world really has become a safer place where independent sovereign nation states outside of the NATO hegemony can continue to trust and rely upon the goodness of the Pentagon. I had intended to pillory one or two more from the gallery of scurillous amoral vagabonds and ne’er do wells from Anti-Christ’s Top 1000 harbingers,lackeys and washpots. But I choose to quit while I’m ahead and so I commute Iain Duncan-Smith’s inglorious denouement for today,at least !

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    No lengthy ,vituperative denunciation is even necessary. This week past ,the Party membership of the German SPD voted 3 to 1 in favour of a four-year coalition deal with Merkel’s hegemonic CDU/CSU regime. There appear to be swathes of leftist/radical elements in Germany who view these shennanigans as some kind of ideological class betrayal. Goodness me , where have they been these past 100 years ? the whole Historic raison d’etre of Social democracy IS class betrayal. If they’re not careful,they’ll be asking the British labour party/Movement to stick to its founding principles.Which in point of fact they do and have done so with ineffable rigour. Every succeeding generation of the Working Class and its allies has had its objective economic and socio-cultural demands and needs systematically betrayed,here in britain just as much as in germany ,the socialists are the hemlock in the cup from which the Masses have drunk out of constitutional sobreity and conformity. Merkel represents the Eurocratic Hegemony project at its apex.What Wilhelm and Adolf failed to kill,steal and grab for,has long since been handed over on the proverbial plate to the French/German EU axis and their compliant,bootlicking lackeys and acolytes throughout the continent. Shock horror,SPD betrays its voters ? No,shock horror that SPD voters are still comatose amid the unfolding nightmare of Europe integration and assimilation.

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    They are rioting in Kiev,capital of the Ukraine.The pro-EU,anti-government demonstrators tore down the city’s statue of Lenin. Ouch,let’s not all be getting too ” Orange ” all over again. I suppose ,charitably,indulgently ,various strata within Ukraine’s population demographics view the EU as some kind of aspirational,modernising phenomenon or something. or perhaps they really are assholes and just don’t ” get it “.RT highlighted the following Eurostat report,a telling extract ensues.
    Over 124 million people in the European Union – or almost a quarter of its entire population – live under the threat of poverty or social exclusion, a report by EU’s statistical office has revealed.

    Last year, 124.5 million people, or 24.8 percent of Europe’s population were at risk of poverty or social exclusion, compared to 24.3 percent in 2011 and 23.7 percent in 2008, the Eurostat said in a document published earlier in the week.

    The data included people who were falling within at least one of the three categories: at-risk-of-poverty, severely materially deprived or living in households with very low work intensity.

    Bulgaria (49 percent), Romania (42 percent) and Latvia (37 percent) top the list, followed by Greece, Lithuania and Hungary. In comparison, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic (both 15 percent), Finland (17 percent), Sweden and Luxembourg (both 18 percent) can boast the lowest number of people at risk of poverty.

    However, even founding EU countries like Italy are struggling more than ever. Some 18.2 million -Italians are facing poverty – that is the highest number in the EU, even though proportionally (29.2 % of the population) the country seems to be doing not too bad.

    With the Italian economy going through its longest recession since the World War II, over 12 percent of adults are unemployed, while four out of ten young people don’t have a job. There are no official figures on the homeless.

    Then again ,I’d like to see Barrosso and his acolytes attempt to absorb its 29th.Satrapy.Just for the heck of it.

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    The trouble with empires is that they just want to keep on expanding.A similar deleterious psychological problem afflicts military adventures , known as ” mission creep ” ,when for instance having declared the removal of the Taliban regime its sole purpose,NATO’s ideologues began terraforming a neo-liberal,pseudo-western satrapy onto the cadaver of Afghanistan. Back to empires ;the European Union is a highly dysfunctional,bombastic byzantinely bureaucratic monstrosity that enshrines the very essence of what it means for something to be Kafka-esque. And yet with its titles and grandiose Kommissariats,vainglorious architecture and voracious appetite for planning and meddling and psychotic institutionalised self-delusion ,the EU stands perpetually on the cusp of self-parody,a manic buffoon of a Petomaine raring to strut and fret his hour upon the stage. That ideologically errent and eviscerated ,pseudo-intellectual tabloid, ” The Guardian ” ,reports ( part gleaned ) on Friday 6 December on the contrived imbroglio unwinding itself on the streets of Kiev.Concluding thus:-

    The crisis has exposed a gulf between Ukrainians, many from the west of the country, who hope to move rapidly into the European mainstream, and those mainly from the east who look to the former Soviet master Moscow as a guarantor of stability.

    President Viktor Yanukovich had long promised to integrate with Europe while still maintaining friendly ties with Russia. His opponents, and some former supporters, considered his sudden eastward lurch a betrayal.

    It has also reignited Cold War-era antagonism between Russia and western Europe, even as foreign ministers gathered in Ukraine for a meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a body that includes both Nato members and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    European foreign ministers used their visits to Kiev to show open solidarity with the demonstrators, beginning with Germany’s Guido Westerwelle who trekked to the square to meet opposition leaders on Wednesday. He was followed by others on Thursday.

    Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, on the sidelines of the OSCE meeting, countered by accusing the Europeans of “hysteria”.

    Tension could rise even further on Friday with new court proceedings against jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Brussels considers her a political prisoner and had campaigned in vain for her release before Kiev broke off negotiations.

    Azarov spoke sharply to Westerwelle on Thursday about the opposition, which includes far-right nationalist groups as well as pro-European liberals.

    “Nazis, extremists and criminals cannot be, in any way, our partners in ‘Eurointegration’,” the government website quoted Azarov as telling the German foreign minister.

    Westerwelle expressed concern about police behaviour at the weekend’s protests, when dozens of people were severely beaten.

    “Recent events, in particular the violence against peaceful demonstrators last Saturday in Kiev worry me greatly,” said Westerwelle. “The way Ukraine responds to the pro-European rallies is a yardstick for how seriously Ukraine takes the shared values of the OSCE.”

    Westerwelle , wannabe latter day Ribbentropp and ineffably Kraut-faced Reichs Ausenminister ,is a member of the FDP,a party no longer represented in the Bundestag,and thus in Office as temporary sojourner awaiting the deal to be done for a Grand Coalition in Berlin to enforce the ongoing Teutonically inspired and directed EU-wide strategy of mass pauperisation aka austerity,even further.

    Quite why otherwise rational,apparently educated and informed citizens of The Ukraine wish to be subjects of a new eastern province of Greater Germany ,has more to do with their innate hatred and rejection of all things Rus than with any love of Hitler’s legacy.

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    This was gleaned from RT ; ” The Global Times editorial suggests that “there is no need to talk about ‘sincerity’ in terms of Sino-British relations” and it is time for the Cameron administration to acknowledge that the UK is no longer a major power in the eyes of the Chinese. “It is just an old European country apt for travel and study. This has gradually become the habitual thought of the Chinese people.” “

    The Global Times referred to is China’s biggest official English language newspaper. To extrapolate from that,that it’s ” Game Over ! ” for the likes of EU Satrapies such as Yu-Kay ,might be a tad premature but nevertheless it conveys an all too foreboding chill. The Ruling Elites and the so-called ” Political Class ” in obsolescent ,failing nation-state entities like the formerly ” Great ” Britain ,have , in truth ,long since abandoned any vestigial link to indigenous,historically determined socio-economic and cultural norms and relationships.They are cosmopolitan sojourners in a cocooned metropolitan enclave ,parasites sans patriotism. And History has called ” Time ! ” on them.The voice of that coming Historical course correction is being articulated in cadences predominantly,unmistakably ,Chinese ,Russian and Indian . The meek subservience with which the degenerate ,plutocratic,self-absorbed elites of the British Isles so cynically and precipitously abandoned the free and Sovereign peoples of what was the United Kingdom,given a centuries long Historical perspective,simply beggars belief. Deposits of Hyena dung such as Cameron and all his immediate parliamentiary antecedents in Whitehall and Westminster are in need of swift evisceration,them and all their canker-ridden institutions,shibboleths and crapulent,de-christianised ,Usury/Capitalist structures.

    Sufficient unto the day the evil thereof. The day of the Usurer-capitalist is finally over.

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    NATO had to issue an apology the other day for killing 14 Afghan civilians.Or rather 9 civilians according to their thorough investigation,the remainder of the 14 reported dead were apparently “insurgents”.Afghanistan’s Kleptocrat-in-Chief Karzai gave NATO forces,(currently bombing the crap out of his country for the tenth straight year)a “final warning” over such incidents.The particular recipients of NATO’s delivery of yet more aerial ordnance, carried the bodies of the 14 dead,12 children and 2 women, into the nearest city,presumably as evidence and as a witness to their suffering.So the apology came with a Caveat.How big,how noble and how jolly effing sporting of NATO to even own up to a partial miscalculation of their unleashing virtual hellfire on the unsuspecting.NATO in the Afghan Scenario is posing as ISAF(International Security and Assistance Force)they do this in order to legitimise the authority granted to them by the UN.NATO itself is merely the entourage of lackeys and bootlickers who are in thrall to the US and its hegemonic Foreign Policy strategy.So what? who cares?the people who are actually taking up arms and fighting the foreign invading armies are themselves portrayed as “insurgents”;where exactly are they supposed to be “surging” “in” from?[x]

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    The Arab Spring,where has it gone? That venerable and august broadcasting organisation,the BBC, for one,raised that particular existential concern on its Radio4 “Today” program, in fact.It turns out that the very concept,”Arab Spring” might have been something of a misnomer;and therefore essentially misleading.The prevailing incumbent regimes in Tunisia and Egypt did get replaced.In Egypt’s case,kind of,sort of,well at least Mubarak’s gone.Currently,the Assad led Baathist regime in Syria has not yielded a single centimetre to the wannabe martyrs and neither has Saudi Arabia,Bahrain nor Morocco or Algeria.Yemen is descending into the quagmire of incipient and virtually endemic tribalism and civil-war pretty much as is the case in Libya.The Libyan imbroglio having been unnecessarily complicated by NATO’s lunatic behaviourial issues leading that alliance into arming rebel factions ad-lib.A propos of nothing in particular,folk-singer Barry Maguire(a sort of putative rival to Bob Dylan at the time)had an international #1 hit record back in 1965,”The eve of detruction”,its opening lyrics,”the eastern world it is exploding and even the jordan river has bodies floatin in it”.Times,it seems haven’t changed.[x]

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    The economic crisis engulfing the Euro-zone countries continues unabated.The burgeoning political struggle to name a successor to the recently deposed Strauss-Khan as head of the IMF also continues to gather momentum.It is axiomatic that political crises follow on directly from economic crises;the fact that the EU’s and US’s prefered candidiate for IMF Chief happens to be France’s Minister of Finance merely adds fuel to the flames of controversy.The significance of the loss of Strauss-Khan as a major figure in the attempts to stabilise the Eurozone,cannot be over-emphasisied.Hence the EU leadership’s overt and manifest obsessive/compulsive behaviuor toward nominating their choice as his successor.This sits uncomfortably with the likes of China and several other influential “emerging” major global economic powers,such as Russia,India and Brazil.One can only hope for the Eurozone to continue on its trajectory toward implosion,and that a non-Western candidate assumes the mantle of IMF leadership at this crucial juncture.[x]

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    And the bombing continues in Libya,or rather against the sovereign nation of Libya.Last time I looked,Colonel Gaddafi was still the head-of-state and Libya was still represented at the UN General Assembly by the government in the internationally recognised capital of Tripoli.NATO certainly has its own alternate-history style version of Realpolitik;but this is at odds with the view from China,India,Russia,Brazil,Indonesia et al.Usually “the majority” is said to “have it” and thus have their view prevail.In which case what on earth is NATO doing and on whose behalf are they doing it?The rebels? The so-called provisional authority ensconced in Benghazi? Governments representing 3/4s of the world’s citizens do not “recognise” any other adminstration as having legitimacy in Libya other than Gaddafi’s.Erm,NATO?’ve lost……[x]

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    You can always tell when the political debate in Britain’s getting serious,one or more of the participants starts alluding to the 1688 Bill of Rights.In itself it is a good and positive development,since too little of British constitutional history is ever refered to in any discussion out there in the public domain.And the Corporate-Media owned and controlled and directed Public Domain wherein virtually all democratic public discourse is staged,is currently undergoing some kind of hiatus.Injunctions and super-injunctions(whatever they are)have kindled a gathering fury over such apparently laudible concepts as “freedom of speech” and “right to privacy”.In essence,the tabloid Press wants to print unrestricted gossip and tittle-tattle unencumbered by any legislation that it, the Press, finds inconvenient.And that’s about it really;but senior Judges are doing their rightful constitutional duties by interpreting,case by case,how the convoluted and contradictory European Law needs to be implemented correctly.Certain members of Parliament,egged on by the PM himself,have contrived to take umbrage at the workings of the Judiciary in a few trivial incidents and have,in effect,broadened the whole matter out into what’s beginning to resemble the onset of a genuine constitutional crisis of Judges v.Parliament.”You can’t make it up!”might be the cry,but there are those lickspittle careerist politicians who are trying their damnedest to do[x]

  • fahrenheit451:18

    No sooner had Strauss-Khan resigned his positon as IMF-Grand Panjandrum,than the brazen politicking began in earnest to find his successor.And Europe,and in particular France can’t get it into their thick skulls that Europe’s day-in-the-Sun has passed and shan’t be returning.The fundamental re-orientation and recentering of the Global economy around the rapidly developing Chinese/Asian hub has unsettled the die-hard Western romantics and is causing them pangs of well merited existential dread.Not only has France and “Europe” lost their last handhold on a key international lever of power,France has also gone and lost their next Head-of-State.And Strauss-Khan’s election as President would in turn have had a major and significant bearing on the trajectory of EU foreign and domestic policy over the next decade.Now it’s someone else’s turn.Now someone else gets to put “Europe” in its place.About time too.


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    Whenever the highly imprecise epithets “dictatorship” or “regime” or “tyranny”are used by the media,it implies incompetence,waste,inefficiency,etc.usually coupled with evidential links to nepotism,cronyism and kleptocracy.Hence,where a government of whom one disapproves can be seen “wasting”,usually billions on armaments,it’s time to make use of the old Latin acronym “Q.E.D.” having shown that despotic dictatorship is in evidence.Except of course when it’s the dear old Ministry Of Defence and the National Audit Office’s finding that the MoD overspent,i.e.”wasted” going on for anything up to £1billion on armoured vehicle procurement or rather non-procurement for the Army.How embarrassing.Tut,tut,never mind;try and be a bit more prudent in future chaps!

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    The latest verifiable empirical data released to the media shows that amongst those actively looking for work, the employment uptake rate stands at a ratio of 4:1 in favour of recently arrived foreign born workers vis a vis indigenous british residents.Even the category “foreign born” has become relative since the EU-isation of this once free and sovereign nation-state I still choose to call Great Britain.The cancer of multiculturalism and national-self disenfranchisement and indigenous disempowerment are at the “tipping point”.another year or two at most and we will no longer have the strength of national self will left to haul ourselves out of what the French would term La Merde.

  • fahrenheit451:15

    Legendary singer/songwriter Randy Newman caused massive upset and annoyance back in the ’70’s with his song,”Short People”.It was,to any sane and rational person actually listening to its lyrics,meant to be a parody high on irony.Yanks unfortunately have a low threshold when it comes to irony and so the then nascent PC brigade tagged Newman’s song with the status of Cause Celebre.The PC brigade learnt that if there weren’t any actual martyrs or offendees, they the PC brigade could always invent some.Ken Clarke,Justice Secretary has gone and done a “Newman”.he gave an opinion on the proposed enhanced plea-bargaining formula that might yield more convictions for rape.Unfortunately for Ken Clarke his grammar and syntax let him down.The ever vigilant Sexist-Finder Generals of the Feminist-Roundheads were on him with all the fervour of a sharia court on a bacon-vendor.For almost ther wrong reasons,Clarke should not lose his place in the Coalition government.Even if he is one s.o.b.,at least he isn’t Yvette Cooper.

  • fahrenheit451:14

    Hubris and calculated venal posturing have ever been the hallmarks of the politically-disillusioned and the ideologically jilted.Pol.Fed (police federation,the cops’trades union)has gone and spat out the provebial dummy in the british media,because they’ve been called upon to do some growing up.A de-facto public-sector trades union,Pol.Fed(as opposed to Pol Pot)enjoyed a decades-long cosy,symbiotic relationship with central government.Willing and implacable stormtroopers,blitzkrieging up the M1 motorway to smash Miners’ picketlines back in ’84,earned the cops extra money and lots of very nice perks.And they were happy and the deranged Thatcher government, that didn’t know whether it was coming or going at the time,was absolutely bloody relieved to have had its path cleared of the last possible obstruction as it went about its manic-obsessive rampage, eviscerating manufacturing industries.But times they have-a-changed ,and gunning down electricians (who are scared by having men run after them on the way to work)in tube train carriages in front of other passengers just isn’t ok anymore.In any given argument between Government and Bolshy,gobby Trades Union someone’s bound to lose.And it ain’t the Government.Excuse me Officer,but have you got the correct time?

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    UN Security Council Resolution #1973 is now consigned to the wastepaper bin of diplomatic history.It was never,from day one,NATO’s policy goal simply to ensure the protection of Libya’s civilian population whilst the “rebel”forces got on with overthrowing the Gaddafi regime.Even as China and Russia looked the other way during the adoption of #1973,NATO’s commanders were extrapolating the extent to which they could implement the Resolution to their own best military advantage.It didn’t allow for the targetting of Gaddafi himself and so his bunkers,deep in the heart of Tripoli were redefined as legitimate targets.Fuel installations and munitions dumps,far from the ragged frontline of “rebel” activity were also redefined.And now the entire mission has been “re-defined”,by none other than the UK’s armed forces Chief-of-Staff and endorsed by the Secretary of State for Defence.Upping the ante is how they called it;sinking inexorably deeper into the quagmire is what it is.

  • fahrenheit451:12

    The EU and its 27 constituent Satrapies are facing an ever increasing extinction-level event.Their Single currency has signally failed.Their Schengen Treaty facilitating open borders within the designated EU-lebensraum has also signally failed.All preceding multicultural/multi-ethnic-based, federated superstates throughout history have ended their days in recrimination and abject disillusionment riven apart by once repressed and inherently mutually antagonistic ethnic nationalisms.Let’s hope that the EU ends up arriving at that destination rather much sooner than later.Quite how,in the middle of the deepest,global-capitalist economic crisis ever,even the most experienced and sophisticated Usurer-Kleptocrats such as the EU can manage to keep their socities from imploding is now simply a matter of sheer blind luck rahter than judgement.

  • fahrenheit451:11


    Iran’s made it back onto the Western Media’s radar again.So much so,that they(the media that is)have resorted to quoting the UK’s Foreign Office,as if that tawdry,cheap-jack redoubt of cynicism and duplicity had ever had anything worthwhile to contribute to International Diplomacy.The current synthetic “Casus Belli”( and it would be a cause for War ,were the US and its deluded allies ever to summon up sufficient hubris to enact their deranged policy goal regarding Iran)concerns the Sovereign and independent nation-state of Iran enacting its own legitimate judicial processes.The victim of an acid attack which left the victim blind,has exercised their legal and constitutional right to determine the severity of punishment against the convicted perpetrator.Justice,Law and Order.Isn’t that what the popular-electorates are constantly demanding of their own governments in the West?Clearly,whichever type of Polity enacts the Will of the Masses is the superior State.And it ain’t Britain.

  • fahrenheit451:10

    The continuing failure of the West’s Usurer-friendly,Kleptocratic,Ruling Elite’s policies in Pakistan and Afghanistan gives the rest of Mankind cause for thanks.Failed and failing as those two Asian States may be,and beset with an intrinsically unresolvable maelstrom of interlocking conflicts,nevertheless it is the West’s Rulers who are incurring the greatest and most telling of the political/diplomatic and economic damage.In effect,it is The Western Ruling Elite’s very own obsessive,compulsive disorder that is manifesting as acts of Self-harm.In their decades-long pursuit of a Christophobic/Extreme-secularist agenda,our own Metropolitan-based,Oxbridge-educated,”multiculturalist”-espousing demagogues and exploiters have become victims of their own grandiose Societal Re-engineering project.Not that they quite had that in mind when they entered into this insane Hegemonic strategy.And I’m all broke up about that.

  • fahrenheit451:9

    Here in the Brussels-governed Satrapy of Yu-kay,what once was the former “Great”Britain,the Coalition government is officially one year old.So,what do they want us to do about it? buy it a frickin’ birthday card and maybe sing ,”happy frickin’ birthday to it”?Ironically,and only the Brits could ever possibly get away with it,the irony that is,of a situation like this:- a leading Lberal-democratic light of the Coalition pact from a year ago,David Laws, has been found culpable before Parliament of systematically defrauding the expenses system.They never give up,do they?

  • fahrenheit451:8

    It’s often stated throughout the Media,particularly here in the West,that the Chinese government stifles freedom of speech.One aspect of their allegedly repressive policies that is most often cited is their Official controls over Internet access.Q.E>D. if an authority restricts Internet access without prior consultation with its users/citizens it must therefore be tyrannical.Well,step up to the podium for your “Award” for repressive behaviour,Wakefield District Council in conjunction with Yorkshire&Humberside Grid for Learning.

  • fahrenheit451:7

    Any visitor to these shores(of the Brussels-governed Satrapy of Yu-Kay)accessing the Media could be forgiven for thinking that some arcane theological debate is at present gripping the country’s public discourse.NHS Reform or reform of the NHS,as the discourse itself is variously characterised as,eclipses every other topic of debate and subsumes all of parliamentiary politicking into this one over-arching “issue”.Reason,Common-sense and Wisdom are left chasing their own tails amid the maddening gyre of emotion-fuelled invective and quasi-moralistic posturing that the various contenders in this debate have decided to make their strategy and tactics of choice.No-one quite embodies that peculiarly irritating British middle-class version of secularist piety than Shirley Williams,especially when she’s banging on about the unimpeachably noble and virtuous character of the NHS.And boy oh boy can she “bang on” about any topic once she gets on that implausibly high horse of hers.Neither side of this quasi-divisive issue of “reform” is actually seeking to seriously damage or inconvenience the other side.Which is a pity,since it would give the subject of the discourse the chance to be relocated to the plane of the rational and the informed.But alas,the Pharisees and the Sadducees are too busy comparing shibboleths.

  • fahrenheit451:6

    Another day,another version of the events as originally reported.The White House or State Department or Homeland Security or CIA or whoever’s got their mitts on the keyboard,keeps altering the detail and content of what actually happened during the raid on Bin Laden’s residence.Maybe they should call in the “script doctors” just as they do in Hollywood when the screenplay as presented starts to “tank”.There now appears,according to their factual Account Version 2.2 ,not to have been any prolonged firefight between the intruders and the residents.And that after the first huge retraction/redaction of Bin Laden himself having been armed at the time.All other matters to one side for the moment,but Pakistan’s rulers really do have a point about the US continually violating their territorial sovereignity and of failing to inform them about their various lethal militaristic adventures.And meanwhile,NATO continues to promote hand-wringing gestures as the Syrian Despotism massacres its own citizens at will.No intervention likely to ever take place there then.

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    To-day is Referendum Day here in the formerly “Great”Britain.Calling what’s left of this Country “Great”is like calling a run-down B&B establishment catering for transient contracted labourers “The Savoy” and claiming its Michelin rating.So it is ,very much “formerly” and if push comes to shove it’s not really even “Britain” anymore to any meaningful degree;but hey!this is Das Vierte Reich!What was the largely unwritten Constitution abhorred the very notion of referendums.The last such exercise was conducted back in 1975,when the question centered on whether this Country should join the then European economic little we understood the peril back then.Today’s question is about the adoption for future parliamentiary elections,of the AV system of electing MPs.Alas,the political discourse surrounding the very idea of an alternative vote exercised at the ballot box has been infantilised by politicians who themselves represent and espouse infantile versions of what once were coherent doctrines.Paradoxically,it is at times like this that I no longer need fear for the future of my Country,because my country long ago gave up on its own future.

  • fahrenheit451:4

    Identity and homeland don’t get much play in the Multiculturalist Media-dominated political discourse here in the Northwestern Maritime province of Greater Europa.Even to begin to think about uttering anything that might be construed as wishing to give preference to the once sovereign citizenry of what was the UK,is nowadays bordering on,if not actually,a criminal offence.We have all become the character,”Josef K.” of Kafka’s novel,”The Trial”.The eponymous Josef K.woke up one morning to find himself under arrest for a crime that the authorities refused to inform him of;the State’s view was that Josef K.must be guilty of some crime, otherwise the State would not have arrested him in the first place.And so it goes.It was during last year’s general Election,that the then Tyrant-in-Chief Brown was caught off-guard on TV ( after a pre-planned “spontaneous” encounter with a typical northern,working class presumably archetypal labour supporter)denouncing the person he’d just spoken to as a bigot and horrible person for having raised legitimate concerns about Immigration.Here in this,sad pathetic provincial Satrapy of the Franco-Germanic Hegemony governing out of Brussels ,being British is a delusion and any reference to it really is a crime.

  • fahrenheit451:3

    “It is a tale told by an idiot,,” Labour Party leader Ed Milliband inteviewed on this a.m.’s Radio4 “Today” program,repeated,ad nauseam the Big Lie at the very heart of what passes these days for democratic,multi-party,parliamentiary politics in our tumbledown,down-at-heel country.The Big Lie being Immigration, the “thorny issue”,as it’s sometimes hesitantly refered to by the very politicians and commentators who are increasingly self-conscious of their own active role in perpetrating the Big Lie itself.Only a few weeks ago,the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls performed a strikingly similar “Mea Culpa” on the self same issue.The previous newlabour regime,had apparently according to that Ed , got things badly wrong as to the real scale and impact of unrestricted mass immigration from the eastern marches of the expanded EU into Britain.Newlabour did virtually solve the unemployment problem!Unfortunately for us it was chiefly Poland’s dole queues that disappeared overnight thanks to the “British” government’s generous invitation to,”come on over” and compete advantageously with the 2 million indigenous jobless for the rapidly dwindling amount of vacancies.Vacancies got filled,the downward,anti-inflationary momentum on wages was massively increased and newlabour got to abandon its prior commitment to eradicating the long-term indigenous culture of endemic,generational joblessness.No doubt there’ll be plenty more Mea Culpas forthcoming from leading actors in the former newlabour Regime;well at least we know now that they’ll all be singing from the proverbial same hymn-sheet.

  • fahrenheit451:2

    Once the bombing is over and done with, and the graves have been dug and the survivors left to get on with their lives once more;when all that has come to pass NATO will still have failed in Libya.Like some obsessive/compulsive and possibly an anal retentive into the bargain,NATO’s hubristic posturing has simply been allowed to go undiagnosed and untreated.1999,they smashed what was the legitimate and sovereign,Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to smithereens.In 2001 they found grounds for taking objection to the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan.They then follwed through on Iraq 2003 and now this.The debacle in the desert.Getting it wrong and often is systemic to NATO.Left floundering with an intoxicating brand of rhetoric which they’re unable to sustain and only barely able to implement militarily,the Yu-Kay has again come out ahead in the toadying,compliant vassal-state stakes within NATO.

  • fahrenheit451:1

    Mediaevalism attempted a sort of a comeback this last weekend.Here in the formerly “Great”Britain they staged a Royal Wedding on Friday 29 April and two days later ,in the heart of Rome,an estimated couple of million Village Idiots celebrated the “beatification” by the present Pope of his predecessor.Resplendent in their respective make-belief regalia,ailing “church” and “state” somnambulated their respective ways by rote through equally laborious,arcane and irrelevant least it must’ve given all the Village Idiots some respite from the monotony of their own largely redundant existence.

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