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Post Op.

Tears welled in his eyes, his breast filled with relief, another young life saved; his surgical skills again exonerated, despite the excruciating cramp around his fingers and stiffness in his joints; Master Surgeon still after all these very long years, … Continue reading

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Flaneur : Arts Council Funded

The gallery was crowded, the Flaneur felt a frisson of ennui,”comment?” his forefinger jabbed toward the photograph,a man apparently stood on a mat that was adjacent a bus stop,a casual reading of the tableau would conclude that the man foregrounded … Continue reading

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Silhouettes embark the theatre on wheels, bantering chattering with artistes of the verbal trapeze,accompanied by accordions of folding evening papers, keeping time with stonetablet timetables,clattering through blackened railway arches circumlocating marmoreal square, withered brown leaves tumbling in welters helter skelter … Continue reading

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Long ago we met before far away on some distant shore, we stood to watch a storm cloud near our hearts entwined in that same fear, as wind lashed the sea into its rage long ago in that half-remembered age; … Continue reading

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Lakota ( reboot posted 28 June 2018 )

The dusts of war and the dusts of famine, pierce men’s skins and swirl in their hearts with coyote chorus of forgotten words,forgotten peace; The winds of corpses and the winds of souls, howl with forgotten promises across empty hunting … Continue reading

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The Third Man ( 1948…a film by Carol Reed )

a haunting zither’s lament permeates the dank misty alleyway, from a high up apartment window a jingle-jangle musicbox is serenading a peek-a-boo moon; A streetcar is stuttering grinding to a halt, a solitary figure disembarks silhouetted by lamplight he quickly … Continue reading

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Andes Tourist Attraction

The nameless old Indian died, the one who begged daily by the fountain; He fell over in the Plaza during Siesta, so inconsiderate, interrupting the morgue attendant’s enjoyment of the broadcast soccer game; Matters could have been worse, retrieving a … Continue reading

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