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Get Me To The Dream On Time

Get me to the dream on time, the one I’ve just left behind, the one that’ll still be waiting for me in that somewhere otherplace kind of space without time reason or rhyme; Just get me to the dream on … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings ( Part 6 )

A time of breaking apart and meetings, a time for farewells and greetings; Boromir dead and the fellowship scattered, Frodo and Sam gone to Mordor with the only thing that mattered; On the trail to rescue Pippin and Merry whom … Continue reading

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#ImAnArtistBecause , what’s not to like about, failure, poverty, & social isolation? Staring at…. waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen; the sound of allotted time, of a line running out, of seconds disappearing, a hectic drumming…. FOOTNOTE FOR … Continue reading

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