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Axiomatic – 2

I often don’t bother to look up the meaning of words , words that already know me words that know exactly how they’ll get used ; They all know their places , where each and everyone of them is expected … Continue reading

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Welfare Dependency : Ode to Skivers

No legs, no arms , no eyes it came as quite a surprise , when I heard the Man on the radio say how healthy I was feeling today ; No legs, no arms , no eyes he asked who … Continue reading

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Dolphins don’t recite poetry Pandas never discuss Kant , Seagulls are rarely eloquent and Hyenas do nothing but rant ; Orangutans like listening to Brahms Piranhas enjoy Winter sports , Mountain Lions are socially maladroit and Kangaroos never wear shorts … Continue reading

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The Photograph

empty of people, there is just light on a rain moistened street, the matinee performance sans audience sans plaudits; The years before The Hindenburg, their melange of sweet perfumed absinthe memories subverted by acrid pyre gauloises the looking-glass stained by … Continue reading

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The Bridge on the River Aire :Castleford 2008

Spine spinal, vertebrae marks to be read lines in a story in tongues we once knew; thread and threads threadbare woven in movement thro’ stilness, alive in the noise of silence, flow flowing ebb ebbing, a corpus of whom, of … Continue reading

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That metallic odour, the sonorous tearing of flesh, the sotto-voce breaking of bone, incense-perfume clouds of carnage, a cloying aroma of slaughter; all our hopes hung upside down, in steel-hooked rows; drip dripping in welters weltering in channels, channelling and … Continue reading

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Stark geometric lines intersecting clean marble and steel; horizonless concourses deserted entrance halls, empty corridors vacant escalators ascending, descending in relentless progress; Walls hyphenated with reminders to purchase, to consume bellowing mutely into the void; shimmering platform mirrors, clipped automated … Continue reading

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