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Outside, a long grey morning lingers, its slow light trickling into the cell; yawning awake and staring back from an indifferent mirror, a face dragged from penultimate sleep,to shave and breakfast then read a paper whose pictures and words soon … Continue reading

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The Winters and Their Dead

The Winters and their Dead , half-remembered names and faces but to whom do they belong ? pale , withdrawn , forgotten ; The small town the jealousies that raged there , so very long ago ; The hidden deeds … Continue reading

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Everyday : A Triptych

Gibbet – shadowed the long slaughter of hang – dog afternoons is shaking fleas at screw-top topless towers , – holier than thou – sweeter than nectar sea captain’s sermons drowning empty pots with their cloudburst souls’ everyday oceans , … Continue reading

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Battle of Lutzen 1632 : The Fate of Von Pappenheim

The fading salvation of the skills of a surgeon, too far away for this desperate carriage, a funeral without cortege to reach ; Far away from fading grey tatters of evening and battle’s stench, How sweet the singing of “Te … Continue reading

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The Armada :1588

In Calais Port you await a heralded dawn long foretold , yet somehow you shall fail to meet that appointed hour at St.Paul’s and the Coronation Of Eagles, apples of Phillip’s eye , as they are plucked from their firmament … Continue reading

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Scotland Won

Northward the train speeds hearthward bound to Kith and Kin , to calmer climes ,bolder climes , surer days , surer airs , wrapped in their firmness of a promise made long long ago before the Stuarts failed and hearts … Continue reading

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Total Recall

Your mirror no longer recognises you as you stare in vain at it hoping to jog its memory ; the face your mirror chooses to reflect wants nothing more to do with you ; the mirror remembers you only as … Continue reading

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