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1980’s Bruce Springsteen Song

HOMETOWN WARS We fought all our battles so long ago out on the fields of play , one more home run to win one more heroic hit and a garlanded presentation to come , But that was all before My … Continue reading

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Purpose and clarity are submerged in a cacophony masquerading as a state of Fugue ; So it is we remember who we are , then we choose not to remember and then choose not to choose what it was we … Continue reading

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Two and a half miles square , five hundred Guns ; the Black ,the Red ,the White,the Blue , sixty thousand Horses ; bloodied ,torn and tattered , two hundred thousand Men ; gouged by grapeshot ,gored by bayonet , … Continue reading

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It Follows

Shrouded in a Summer’s veil somnambulant suburban streets echo with an emptiness , and Time finds itself stranded and tarries in a forever now ,forever now , forever circadian rhythms ┬áreligiously observed in the coming and going and coming back … Continue reading

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